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(Video) Marcella Brooks' account of the deliberations of the Whitey Harrell jury is both powerful and stirring.

(Video -12 parts) Red Beckman's Fully Informed Jury Training Red Beckman explains the government structure of the Constitutional Republic.

(Video) Judicial Misconduct Att'y Tom Cryer —Judges in tax "crime" cases routinely violate the rules of evidence.

Quotations Directly Stating The Legitimacy and Supremacy of Jury Nullification .... Historic Quotes From the Founders and from Court Cases Regarding Jury Nullification. Compiled by Dwight M. Callaway

(Video) The Gun Rights Solution - Jury Nullification! Enforcement of oppressive gun laws can be stopped by juries of citizens who know their power to acquit in spite of the law. By Chris Mink

How You Can Help Eradicate Gun Control Laws by Dwight M. Callaway

Basics of Citizenship -The Jury by John Conway

You Don't Have Any Right to a Jury Trial!!! by Mark Adams

When You Are Summoned To Jury Duty - What to expect.

The Four Boxes of Freedom

The Foundation of Trial By Jury

(video) Jury Nullification - America's Salvation by Chris Mink

(Video) Know Your Rights, Use Your Power —Red Beckman and Pat Shannan discuss what every responsible citizen should understand.

Jury Rights Under Attack by Rick Tompkins, 1996 candidate for Libertarian Party Presidential nomination

(Video - 3 parts) Power To The Jury Ron Paul and Larry Dodge make the case for citizen jury power.

The Powers and Rights of The American Jury written for a 25 minute oral presentation

Lysander Spooner's book - An Essay On The Trial By Jury (Amazon Books)
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If the law is unfit
you must acquit! Essential reading: An Essay on the Trial by Jury (Lysander Spooner, 1852)
On the Duty of Civil Disobedience —Thoreau's classic work
Webster's American Dictionary (1828)
Bouvier's Law Dictionary (1856)
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Grand Jury: Power Shift?
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