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About The American Jury Power Association

Naturally, the question has been asked, "Why do we need another group? Isn't FIJA sufficient?"

One could as well ask, "Why do we need Burger King? Isn't McDonalds sufficient?" or, Why do we need Lowe's? Isn't Home Depot sufficient?" or, Why do we need a Libertarian Party? Isn't it enough to have the Republican Liberty Caucus?"

Competition is good!

The American Jury Power Association was begun in October, 2009, as The Florida Jury Power Association, in response to a need for an organization that is free to participate in events that the nationally-known Fully Informed Jury Association forbids its' members being part of.

Our goal is to enable jury rights advocates in every State of the Union.

Why Not FIJA?

The following letter was received from the executive director of FIJA, regarding participation in a seminar which asked a $25 admission:

Because of the nature of fee-based events and the presentations planned, and its message, you may neither mention FIJA nor distribute FIJA literature at any fee-based events, nor should you in any way present yourself as a representative of FIJA, or allude to any connection or association with FIJA.

It is FIJA board policy that FIJA never participate in, endorse, present material, or otherwise associate the organization with any fee-based events, legal seminars, or other gatherings of people where any association of FIJA with another group or individual could lead to an assumed, implied, or hinted association or endorsement by FIJA with such events, persons, or material.

FIJA distances itself unequivocally from all fee-based events, as well as from endorsement of any attorney-associated events unless all material is reviewed and approved by our board of advisors and directors at least three months prior to the use of said materials.

You are not in any manner authorized to represent FIJA, to distribute FIJA literature as a FIJA representative, nor discuss FIJA in connection with any presentations made at any fee-based event. Specifically, from the material and agenda I have read for Mr. Cryer's events, FIJA may not be mentioned or associated with these events.

I hope this is exceedingly clear and leaves you in no doubt as to the position of FIJA concerning fee-based events.

Iloilo Marguerite Jones
        Executive Director

Many worthwhile events are fee-based. It's axiomatic, that the worth of something is often related to its cost - "you can't expect to get something good, for nothing." Those who sponsor major events incur costs that must be recouped, if only for materials and advertizing. When participants are nationally-known, travel and lodging expenses are incurred, and space for the event must be rented. Members of the American Jury Power Association wish to participate in any and all opportunities to educate the public of its right and power to judge the justice of the law, as jurors in criminal trials.

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