The American Jury Power Association
Dedicated to public awareness of jurors' rights

Materials For Jury Rights Education

Guidelines for Courthouse Leafleting

A single page of bullet points to make your event safe and effective.

Radio Call-in Talking Points

Helpful ideas for opening and pressing the jury nullification conversation

Half-sheet Flyers - single side

Printer-ready. These are compact, effective as handouts, and cost half as much to print as full-sheet flyers or tri-folds.

Jury Nullification courtesy Dr. Robert Dreyfus

Tri-fold Leaflets

Defenders of Freedom Leaflet from ISIL
New Hope For Freedom Leaflet by Larry Dodge & Don Doig
What Has Gone Wrong At The Courthouse? Leaflet by Dwight Callaway

Flyers - single sheet, not folded

Jury Duty by John Conway. "Dear Citizen .." Concise, revealing. Print 2 sides

Activists' publications by Dwight Callaway

THE JURY REVOLUTIONWhy Jury Nullifications Will Transform America, and Why YOU Want To Be A Jury Educator
THE JURY, STUPID !Flyer - Staying "on message" - Will you join with the Jury Education movement and help create the Jury Revolution? Will you commit to doing this until your state has achieved the needed critical mass of educated and confident jurors?
WHAT HAS GONE WRONG AT THE COURTHOUSE?Excellent material for leafleting at a courthouse - also in .pdf, a trifold leaflet ready for printing
How To Be An Effective And Satisfied Citizen ActivistExcerpts from an unpublished book
DO JUDGES COMMIT FELONIES?This has been used as a full page flyer featuring a large cartoon drawing showing a judge with leashes and collars around the necks of all the jurors
How You Can Eradicate Gun Control LawsExcellent material for a tri-fold leaflet. Can make lots of friends for you in the gun stores, gun rights community.
YOUR FRIEND IS A JUDGEThe pressure upon judges to continue the cover-ups and crimes they now feel trapped in is great. You can help them do the right thing.
Judges Are Guilty of JURY TAMPERING !!Material for a tiny flyer - 8 to a page
Judges LIE To JurorsText for a small flyer
Judges LIE To JurorsText for a full page flyer or leaflet
PICKET SIGNSSlogans for picket signs to use at County courthouses, statehouses, supreme court bldg., Bar Assn., Atty General's office, Legal conferences, universities - law and pre law schools and lots more.
Shaming Jury Tampering Judges - Jury Education On The OffensiveShort article - Any judge who intimidates or removes a seated juror because that juror knows about or speaks about jury nullification in the jury deliberation room is guilty of destroying the sanctity of the jury. How he can be exposed and shamed immediately
Miscellaneous Short FliersCopy and paste what you want to use onto separate Word documents. Edit and typeset to suit. Insert a short quote if you have room.
FREEDOM OF HEALINGImportant Legal Information For Alternative Healers, Health Food Stores And Their Clients And Customers
Quotations Collection

Sovereignty Action Documents

Jury Nullification for Talk Radio includes a suggestion for a brief verbal introduction to jury nullification, an example letter to the editor, a sample city or county ordinance, and sample State Resolution.

A single page flyer explaining jury nullification on one side, and on the other, details of the group's experience leafleting the Marion County courthouse. Excellent reading and an inspiration for all of us.

Jury Rights News Release

Sovereignty Action registers an objection with Brad King's office
Recently Sovereignty Action distributed information on Jury Nullification at the Marion County Courthouse. The information was confiscated, we were told, due to an order issued by State's Attorney Brad King. We decided to register an objection with Brad King's office who sent out Ms. Brenda Mitchell to speak with us. She exhibited an imperious unbridled arrogant crass attitude, treating us as if we were second class citizens unworthy of her time in spite of the fact that we happen to pay her salary.

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